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Principal elements of the presentation organised in all exhibition halls of the Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle:

The first, and largest, group of artworks presents the thematic sphere of vision image and perception, through the means of contemporary media art and in accordance with the characteristics of art. We sent out a call for applications toward the realisation of such new works that are linked to the theme at hand and would be produced first and foremost through the application of technical media. Those projects suitable for realisation and approaching the subject at hand are produced within the framework of the C3 Foundation Lab Grant. The recipient is provided with technical and operational assistance, as well as the opportunity for consultation with our scientific colleagues participating in the programme.

The second, the historical section is divided between earlier artworks, apparatus and documentation. Here, for both the researchers and the audience, such rarely visible and studiable original objects and equipment are rendered accessible, which, with the exception of such infrequent occasions, are closed to public view. New, until now unpublished, results and reports relevant to the theme of research are employed and presented in connection with this Hungarian and international material.

The third part is comprised of demonstration tableaux, prepared for this occasion, as well as those produced earlier by scientists researching similar themes, which render viewable those artworks that, due to their high value, are inaccessible and unlendable, which are important as illustrations or images demonstrating and assisting in comprehension of the theme and research.
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