VISION :: IMAGE AND THE BRAIN :: Scientific symposium
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19 Oct. 2002
20 Oct. 2002
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Budapest Autumn Festival- Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest - C3
18 October – 17 November 2002

Scientific symposium, 19-20 October 2002 in the Mucsarnok / Kunsthalle Budapest

The wise man's eyes are in his head;
(Ecc. 2.14, Authorised King James version)

Symposium on the connections between the visual arts and brain research. The invited lecturers are the highest representatives of world renown of the neuronal (anatomical, physiological), behavioural (neurological, psychophysical) and theoretical (philosophical) approaches of brain research, and they are bound together by their common interest touching upon the background of the nervous system as it relates to the creative process. Alongside the scientific researchers, eminent representatives of the sphere of art and the humanities will also take part in the conference.

Introduction to the conference:
Saturday, 19 October 2002 10.00, Műcsarnok/Kunsthalle, Budapest
Introduction to the conference on the part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA):
József Hámori, Vice-President of the Academy for the Life Sciences and Ernő Marosi, Vice-President of the Academy for the Social Sciences and the Humanities

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