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Billboard in front of the Budapest Műcsarnok, after the original site specific installation of 1996
Permanent site-specific installation; 4 repaired wooden cinema chairs, stone platform, view; on the hills above the city of Gars am Kamp, located 80 km West of Vienna, Austria.

The line of wild bush and small trees between two private fields is cut down to create an opening through which a wide vista towards the city of Gars am Kamp is revealed. The artist (me) paid 500 Austrian Shillings (app. $50) to the farmer who owns this land for the permanent use of the cleared out spot. A stone platform was built from the locally available stones. The already repaired and renovated cinema chairs were fixed to the platform in order to construct the “gazebo”. Beautiful local nature is seen as if in a cinema…

Local people use the location for relaxation, meditation, romantic encounters, etc. during and after their daily routines.

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