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Installation, 2002

BIOS - Bidirectional Input/Output System.

This project shows a custom built apparatus, which consists of a helmet with 16 electrodes (sensors) that get attached to the spectator’s head, HMD (head mounted display), EEG device and a computer. The HMD shows images that are synthesized from the impulses, generated from spectator’s brain reaction to the images shown a moment before – thus creating a feedback loop.

The contemporary industry propagates continuous scientific advancements that rely on procedures, which often are hidden to consumers – and not only because of their complexity. It seems that this is a common custom to manifest this knowledge (often not thoroughly proven) – as hard facts. The BIOS project is a slightly ironic comment on the above-mentioned processes. It combines successive rational science with the functional (martial) aesthetics. BIOS tries to emphasise the subtle difference between the ‘serious’ scientific analysis and semantic absurdity.

C3 Center for Culture and Communication